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As a full-service broker for used ammunition manufacturing equipment, GreasyMachines specializes in coordinating the purchase and sale of deep draw transfer presses, headers, ejection groove lathes and the other specialized machinery used for the high-speed production of precision ammunition. All machinery used for Turn-Key projects is fully inspected, retooled as needed, and tested to ensure it can operate at expected rate – the dependability and speed you need to hit the bull’s eye in this business! When you want to boost production, add a new caliber to your offerings, or are just getting started as a manufacturer, we’ll help you find the machines you need at a great price. When you’re ready to sell surplus or underutilized ammo manufacturing equipment, it’s our job to connect you with eager buyers who will pay top dollar.

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Manufacturing ammunition is a complex, precise process. In addition to coordinating great deals on top-quality manufacturing equipment, we provide extensive training and support to ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running from day one. When we say RunReady Turn Key, we mean it! Deep Draw Transfer Presses are our specialty. We regularly coordinate the purchase and sale of presses manufactured by Waterbury Farrel, US Baird, Asahi-Seiki, Platarg, Ferracute and E.W. Bliss.

Not just salesmen.  We bring years of Engineering and Production experience to the conversation.

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Connecting Ammunition Manufacturers with the Best:

  • Projectile Transfer Presses
  • Case Transfer Presses
  • Cartridge Assembly Machines
  • Blank & Cup Tools and Presses
  • Head Turning Machines
  • Cold Headers
  • Lead & Steel Penetrator Swaging Machines
  • Projectile Weigh & Gauge Machines
  • Primer Insertion Machines
  • Heat Treating Equipment
  • Case Processors

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