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Repair and Upgrade Services for Your Used Machines

GreasyMachines is a full service manufacturing machinery broker. That means we do more than simply buy and sell ammunition manufacturing machinery. We’re the machinery brokers who work for you, providing:

Expert Guidance

Whether you’re brand new to ammunition manufacturing or you’ve been in the industry for generations, you’re going to have questions. We’ve got answers – and if we don’t, we’ll find the expert engineers who do! We’re not just salesmen: we’re devoted to helping you find precisely the right ammo manufacturing machinery for your unique shop.


Machine Refurbishment

If you’ve got a piece of ammo manufacturing machinery that needs significant repairs or modifications to be a productive piece of equipment once again, GreasyMachines is here to help. Whether it’s tracking down a machine component, coordinating the machine modification process, or having components made for you, GreasyMachines will make it happen.

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