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Sell Your Surplus Ammo Manufacturing Machines

GreasyMachines is the ammunition manufacturing machinery broker who works harder than anybody else. When you have surplus machinery you want to sell – whether it’s a single machine or an entire facility’s worth of equipment – call us first. Our extensive network of industry contacts means we know exactly where to look to find eager buyers for your machines and our strong negotiating skills means you walk away with the best possible price.

There’s never any up-front charge for sellers when you work with GreasyMachines. We get paid when you get paid – and we don’t maintain any inventory of our own, so you know we’re motivated sellers focused on making the best deal possible!

We’re good guys who make good deals. As brokers, the GreasyMachines team is committed to making sure every transaction is fully satisfying. We help buyers get exactly the machinery they need, and we help sellers sell surplus equipment at a fair price in a timely fashion. Everybody wins when you choose GreasyMachines to sell your ammunition manufacturing equipment.


What Type of Ammunition Manufacturing Machinery Can You Sell?

As full service machinery brokers, we’re ready to help you sell any surplus ammo manufacturing machinery you have on hand. That being said, of particular interest to our buyers in the ammunition manufacturing industry are the following items:

  • Projectile Transfer Press
  • Case Transfer Press
  • Cartridge Assembly Machines
  • Blank & Cup Tools and Presses
  • Head Turning Machines
  • Cold Headers
  • Lead & Steel Penetrator Swaging Machines
  • Projectile Weigh & Gauge Machines
  • Primer Insertion Machines
  • Heat Treating Equipment

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