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The Smart, Simple Way to Buy Ammunition Manufacturing Machinery

GreasyMachines is a full service ammunition manufacturing machinery broker. That means we work specifically for you, finding exactly the machine you need to serve your company’s needs at the best possible price. We don’t maintain any inventory of our own: our role is to connect buyers and sellers in a way that makes everybody happy.

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We’ve been in the machinery brokerage business for years, and over that time, have developed an extensive network of ammunition manufacturers. We know to whom to turn in the search for a particular machine, and we know exactly for what to look for to ensure that you’re getting a machine that turns out high precision, high quality ammunition components reliably and dependably – all for a great price.

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Deep Draw Transfer Presses Are Our Specialty.

Deep draw transfer presses are the heart and soul of ammunition manufacturing. If you’re searching for a projectile transferpress or a case transferpress, let us know. We’ll help you find a great machine right away. As full service machinery brokers, we handle all types of manufacturing equipment. Here’s a list of other important items in which we deal that are of particular interest to ammunition manufacturers:

  • Casing Transfer Press
  • Projectile Transfer Press
  • Cartridge Assembly Machines
  • Blank & Cup Tools and Presses
  • Head Turning Machines
  • Cold Headers
  • Lead & Steel Penetrator Swaging Machines
  • Projectile Weigh & Gauge Machines
  • Primer Insertion Machines
  • Heat Treating Equipment

See what you’re looking for? Not sure what you need? Let us know. Our expert team is here to support and guide you through the procurement process, to ensure you get exactly the machinery you need at a great price.

Terms and Conditions:

All machinery is sold “as is, where is”. This means that there are no warranties regarding performance or suitability for your task. Potential buyers are encouraged to inspect the machine or have a third party inspector verify the condition of the machine. Surplus Asset Management LLC will not be held liable for any inaccurate information provided by the seller. Returns or refunds are not accepted.

Rigging and freight is the buyer’s expense unless otherwise specifically agreed.

Payment in full is required prior to shipping. Acceptable forms of payment are bank wire transfer, certified company check, cash or company check. Credit cards are not accepted. Adequate time should be anticipated for the funds transfer to clear our bank.


Financing Your Ammunition Manufacturing Machinery Purchase

Having access to the right financing can make purchasing or leasing ammunition manufacturing equipment much easier. GreasyMachines will work with you to help you identify your financing options and choose the one that best meets your company’s needs.

A great starting point, and a company we strongly recommend, is Intech Funding Corp, a 75-year old manufacturing equipment lender with a history of financing machine tools.

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